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Daphne's journey

Chronicling Daphne's fight against bone cancer

Daphne's journey

My Hero

December 8th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

I just returned home from visiting Daphne for the 1st time after her amputation.  My Mom came with me because I thought it important for Daphne to know how much her entire family missed her.  Thanks to some advice from here, I had checked out some recent amputation pics so I would know what to expect but I never thought to also prep my Mom.  As soon as she saw Daphne she burst into tears.  It took a split second for me to find my centre because it’s not really possible to prepare yourself to see your dog like this.


Or this.image image

I’m actually surprised that it looks so … tidy.  I guess I watch too much of The Walking Dead where all amputations are done by axe.  I was also surprised at how strong she was.  The vets had told me that we were a couple of weeks ahead of the time when they typically see these cancer patients.  Thanks to neither myself nor my vets in Aylmer “waiting and seeing”.  For the most part this is a very, very good thing.  The only small down side  is Daphne was still weight-bearing on her leg at the time of amputation.  So she didn’t get a chance to practice nor did the remaining leg get a chance to beef up a bit to prepare for the work of two.  So seeing her up and standing and walking was very heartening.  Yay Daphne!  My hero!


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  • Deb

    Daphne it is good to see you! you are a cutie to be sure! I am so glad you are getting an early attack on the ugly cancer that showed up in your leg! Just remember, at about the 10th day you are going to feel SOOOOO much better. You’ll surprise Mom and Grammy with your progress for sure. I’ll keep a watch to see how you are doing. lots of puppy prayers going up for you! Deb and Angel Bandit

  • tracy06

    I hope so! It is so rough to see her struggling. If only you could fast forward through the awkward and painful recovery

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